Diabetes Management

Every year, over 7 million Americans are pre-diabetic and do not know it.


Diabetes mellitus is a group of diseases that affect how your body uses blood sugar (also known as glucose). Glucose is imperative to the health of the cells that make up your muscles and tissues. Being an important source of energy, glucose is also your brain’s power fuse. With diabetes, your body does not produce enough insulin (a hormone that disperses glucose throughout the body).

Symptoms, or primary causes of diabetes, vary by type – with Diabetes Type 1 and Diabetes Type 2 (most common). Regardless of which type, the disease can lead to excess sugar in your blood and, consequently, lead to serious health problems. At Eagles Landing Endocrinology, we can help you create and manage your diabetes care plan.





With type one diabetes, your pancreas produces little to no insulin. Though not as common as Type 2, the disease occurs most often in children or young adults – hence it’s other commonly known name, “juvenile diabetes.”A blood test is administered to determine if you have Type One Diabetes, and if positive, it is common to manage your diabetes through insulin.

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Type 2 is also a chronic disease but occurs when the body does not use insulin properly, which is referred to as insulin resistance. This causes glucose levels to spike or rise higher than normal. The pancreas overproduces insulin to make up for the resistance, but over time it won’t keep up, failing to produce enough insulin to regulate your blood sugar level. Not only do we manage your Type 2 Diabetes with medications and/or insulin, we also help you govern your life through nutrition and wellness.

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Did you know…

Diabetes remains the 7th leading cause of death in the United States in 2015, with 79,535 death certificates listing it as the underlying cause of death, and a total of 252,806 death certificates listing diabetes as an underlying or contributing cause of death.
American Diabetes Association