Metabolic Care

Every year, Metabolic Syndrome impacts more than 3 million in the US.

Metabolism can be a crucial component in weight and health complications. Metabolic care targets the elements that affect the metabolism as well as the conditions that may increase the risk for diabetes and cardiovascular disease. At Eagles Landing Endocrinology, we can create the right metabolic care plan for you!





Also known as Syndrome X, Metabolic Syndrome is a group of conditions that occur together and increase the risks of heart disease, stroke and diabetes and can result from insulin resistance (when the body’s tissues do not respond normally to insulin).

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The body requires cholesterol to function, but too much or too little can affect those bodily functions. Hyperlipidemia and hypolipidemia classify as lipid disorders  Рmeaning you have high blood levels of low density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol, fats (triglycerides) or both. Having high levels of any of these can increase your risk for developing heart disease.

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& Triglyceride

Did you know…

Hypertension, or high blood pressure, may be
symptomless but it kills 9.4 million people
worldwide every year. Yet it’s one of the most
controllable conditions we see in our practice.